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I struggle with this question all the time. Should I write my life story as fact or fiction?

If I wrote it as fact, most people probably wouldn’t even believe that it could all be true. It would be a big shmorgasbord of Misery, Mother Dearest, Golden Girls, Marilyn Monroe, and Girl Interrupted all thrown together.

If I wrote it as fiction, I could make the heroin based on me and give my character a couple of attributes I could vicariously live through in writing.

I also have enough material to make a series out of the girl if I do fiction.

But, if I do fiction readers won’t be fully connected with my innermost being in such an intimate way. They will attribute the feelings and personality to the character.

I want to have that connection with readers.

But, if I do fact, I have to worry about all the people who are going to be pissed off or might even sue over me airing their dirty laundry along with mine.

Who knows? I guess the best thing to do would be to actually start the project… 😉

Don’t act like no one knows what I’m talking about. 😮