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I don’t understand why anyone would have to even think about the replies they would receive or getting negative feedback. It is your life and has made you the person you are today. Hold back? Never. I recently visisted a website called The Secret. It has helped me so much with thinking I can’t do something because of whatever reason or reasons that never make my dreams or talents a reality or success. It tells you about the negative  or positive energy that you attract by the Law Of Attraction. It was quite interesting to me and like a person who is deathly affraid of hights and decides to go skydiving , it helped me to understand that it is my life and it is short. Too short, infact, to keep talents that you hold within like eggs that are just waiting to hatch and become alive. It really got to me when so many people after seeing my artwork that my parents have gotten framed and have hanging in some parts of the house just look at me with almost a disgust as to why someone would be so talented or be good at something and let it go to waste. I don’t hold back with anything that I do anymore. Like choosing to write in this loud orange color in bold print. Why not? It is different and different in my opinion is always good because it opens your mind and makes you think in a new perspective. What I thought about and should have been thinking before just pounding my fingers on the keyboard was even scanning some photos of myself after the wreck because it would allow the reader to have proof of atleast one of the things in my life that I experienced and make  it easier to believe the rest. Then I thought, why Tera? You cannot please everyone and there will always be another opinion or someone who thinks your wrong, but that’s part of life right?