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jrtomlin – 2008-11-09 7:54 PM

nhope – 2008-11-07 5:51 PM I think many people would have thought it was impossible to write a science fiction novel (an award winning one) from the point-of-view of someone with autism until Elizabeth Moon did it. (She happens to have a son with autism.)

Thanks for mentioning this book.  I’ve not read it, but I’ve now requested it from my library.  My son has autism, which is naturally where my interest comes from.  His teachers, who know plenty about my writing, are always suggesting I write a book from my son’s POV, (though I think they mean non-fiction), and have him illustrate it; his drawings are fantastic.  I’ve been reluctant, mostly because I get this feeling that I’d be exploiting him, but I am intrigued nonetheless.