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nhope – 2008-11-07 5:51 PM

You know how in real life there are a few dysfunctional people? Well, how possible do you think it would be to write that into a story? Let’s say MC has to check that windows are locked before leaving and when entering house. All 19 of them. Is there a way to subtley (sp?) work that into a story without dwelling on it, trivializing it, or psychoanalyzing it?

Since a large part of the novels in the world have been written about dysfunctional people, it is certainly possible. Since as has been pointed out what you seem to be talking about isn’t dysfunctional. while someone with such a disorder can be difficult to make into a MC, but difficult doesn’t mean impossible. It depends a huge amount on the kind of story and the degree of the disorder. I think many people would have thought it was impossible to write a science fiction novel (an award winning one) from the point-of-view of someone with autism until Elizabeth Moon did it. (She happens to have a son with autism.)