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Gooblink – 2008-05-29 12:53 PM

Heaven help me.  I let my piano teacher (who is also a friend of mine) talk me into performing at a recital on Saturday. 

What was I thinking?  I’m old.  I’m not good.  Why do we – I assume at least ONE of you can relate – make commitments that we later regret? 

Actually I did say no, several times, but I really must have meant maybe because in the end I said yes.

“Will you play in my recital on May 31st?”

“No.  I’m too old.”  First mistake – don’t add objection to your “no.”

“You’re not old.  There’ll be people of all ages playing,” Yeah, ages 5 to 17 and, well…me.

“No.  I’m too old.”  Second mistake – still objecting when I should have shut the door.

“Please?  It would help me a lot.  You’ll be an inspiration to the other moms and dads there who wish they’d never quit piano lessons when they were kids…”  Here it is, the guilt tactic.

“But,”  – Third mistake – But???  Never say “But.” – I’ve never played my entire piece without a mistake.”

“You’ll do fine.  Besides, I need you there.” 

Case closed and now I’m shopping for a new blouse to wear on Saturday when I’ll be starring as the middle-aged-housewife turned pianist like a badly done Pygmalion.

I still haven’t played the entire piece without flubbing.  Pray for me.

Cindy what a great story. Make sure you save a copy for your scrapbook, next to the picture of you at the recital. Just have fun with it. Everyone will cheer your courage, and understand completely about “no” being “maybe” turning into “yes.”