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Oh-ho!  Cindy will not be appearing in a flimsy, see-through shirt.  Though that would be one way to clear the room…

I don’t mind the beans and broccoli idea.  The recital is at a nursing home, they’re probably serving that for lunch.  Ew.

Bright lipstick.  Distracting, yes, especially if I don’t wear it on my lips!

Carol – I think you’re right; it’s the wearing down of nerves.  I have no problem saying “no” to strangers, or my husband.

Jai – I’m not surprised you were the glue that held the board together.  You’ve got that “something” that makes people want to be associated with you.  My husband is like that in business.  Whatever group he joins, he’s immediately approached to assume some leadership role. 

Thanks, all.  I had my lesson yesterday afternoon and got through the entire Moonlight Sonata without one mistake that would be discernible to an untrained ear passing at full gallop. 

Maybe I can sneak around the room and turn down hearing aids.   You know, of the folks who aren’t already napping.