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Lex – 2009-10-01 10:47 PM Hi Lara, Welcome to the Wd forum. I’m new here myself. You said that you write romance, but that it had a different twist or flair, if you will. Do you think that it could be considered Romantic-Suspense? It would help you to clarify what you write into a specific genre. Have you ever read any of Sandra Brown’s novels? She writes romantic suspense. Good luck, and welcome.


I wouldn’t consider my writing Romantic Suspense, although I’m not quite sure what that is. I haven’t read any of Sandra Brown’s novels, but I guess now I have a reason to. I’ll check it out.

If my writing needs to be in a genre, I would put it in Women’s Fiction, but I have a feeling it’s closer to Mainstream, which I know really isn’t a genre. The reason I say Mainstream is because I feel that both men and women can relate to it, and it doesn’t really focus on the romance, that’s just part of it. The novel I’m working on now is mainly about how to deal with death and the difficulties that arise from that. One main character is male and the other is female, and the story is equally about both of them.