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I’m back

 So the saga of my life goes on.

I have some great and exciting news for you all…. I made the last payment on our car a couple of weeks ago and the title arrived last Saturday.  Definately something to celibrate.  I (and my husby) worked real hard to pay it off early even if it was only four months early it was still early.  Now we are almost completely out of debt and will soon be looking into buying a house. 

More good news since starting my new job I have been 100% happier and easier to live with….. No job is perfect but this one is as close to it as possible. I love the people I work with except for maybe one or two but they are just minor annoyances.

My only complant at the moment is that I haven’t been writing much lately. Everytime I try my mind is a huge blank.  I think my brain is just coming to terms with not being stressed all the time. I mean I am not stressing about finances anymore because we are finally to the point of not living paycheck to paycheck. Also my job isn’t stressing me out anymore. I am surprised at how well I respond to people respecting me and treating me as a person in the workplace. It’s like my mind can’t grasp that there is nothing to worry about. 

Sorry didn’t mean to bore you all I know you want the funny stories I’ll make a new thread and post some Okey Dokey…