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TerryT – 2007-10-03 6:46 PM Unfortunately, many of the problems you describe (beatings, torture, starvation, murder) are caused by small groups of corrupt, abusive leaders who exploit and do nothing to protect their citizens. What those countries need are good, strong, fair, effective, protective leadership. But, those are not things that Carter, Tutu or Branson can offer. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great that they do what they do. But nothing will significantly change until someone from within takes control of the government and runs the country properly.

I agree, more or less.  The luminaries are great for bringing attention to a problem, which sometimes provides the impetus for change.  Carter and Tutu are a little different in that they try to bring the sides together to resolve conflict.  But at least they are trying, and that by itself is admirable.

I agree that the problems in these countries stem from bad leaders, but I’d add poverty, poor social conditions, and institutional corruption to the list of hurdles.