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Elibet – 2007-10-03 12:41 PM

I read the news this morning that Carter had a loud dustup with the Sudanese government security. He was trying to reach the tribes people of Darfur to listen to their complaints/needs. The security stopped him and told him he couldn’t go any further. He got to the point of raising his voice in protest and demanding access. The article brought me to tears. On one side of this so called security was an oppressed people, and on the other freemen trying to help them. So close, and yet a million miles away.

Which leads to the question, Who are we in the West that we live in freedom and ease while half the world is beaten, tortured, starved, and murdered?  I don’t know about anyone else, but I find it hard on the conscience. We open a faucet and clean water flows freely. We go to the Supermarket and choose from dozens of kinds of breads, fruits, meats, and drinks. We even have dozens of types of toilet tissue to choose from. Our comforts all important.

I am so thankful for people like Carter, Tutu, and Branston. They go to the places I can’t or won’t go, and do the things I should and don’t do.



I too am grateful for any person who is willing to promote peace at such lenghts as these people.

However, (and I put in bold above) I can’t imagine that you don’t do your part everyday.  So you can’t travel to foriegn countries…I’d be will ing to bet that you have a huge part in spreading peace in your own community.

I think that if everyone was willing to put effort into making sure our children understand that peace is the only way this world can survive, and making sure we get alone with our neighbors, and giving to those who are in need, …gosh, I could go on and on….

I’m sure you do this…so don’t sell yourself short with spreading peace around. 

It starts small, specifically with our children and their friends and our own neighborhood and then our town.

I think with a heart as big as yours, then someone is getting a peaceful message from you…