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M G Kizzia – 2009-10-07 5:28 PM

Hi John

Good for you.  Go for it!  Damn the torpedoes, full steam…you guys don’t use steam anymore do you?

So, what kind of writing are you interested in doing?

Check out the critique central and don’t be shy.


Actually, even the nuclear ships use steam. It’s just generated by Nuclear power instead of coal. Besides, that’s history, we’ll never forget the meaning of things like that. 😉

Thank you, both. I really am unsure at this point what kind of writing exactly. I just know that it’s something I have always loved and I have remembered after starting a blog a few years ago to track life, which developed into something that inspires me and entertains others.

I have considered romance, first because I’ve heard it’s the easiest way for a writer to start. Then, after thinking about it, I figured that may actually be something I would be good at. Honestly, though, I think I would enjoy writing anything really, novels, articles, blogs. I will definitely check out the critique central. I am trying not to be deterred by my ignorance, but willing to overcome yet another challenge.