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Mark OKeefe

It isn’t bad The Penciled One………….but,

It is a bit short-sighted and an unprofitable habit. However, I tend to believe that you are experiencing the same sensation as a ‘fledgling’ discovering just how great the wings work.

You are on the road to discovering how to get people to listen to your ideas, by using words; and the more they accept your words, the more successful you become.

This makes it mandatory that you read what others write. If only to determine what you wish to avoid. But read you must in order to hone your writing skills. None of us can live or write in a vacuum; our words come from observing and understanding people’s lives.

So, set aside a little time each day and read, force yourself if need be……………….I’m sure you will eventually see the wisdom in the exercise

Been there, done it, got the T-Shirt, wore-it-out, and got another, and another, and another

Good Luck and Welcome to the Club
Ancient Mariner