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Mikala Engel

There’s no reason at all to critique anyone else’s work unless you want to, and unless you enjoy doing so. If you really dislike critiquing, you’re a durned fool if you critique anything. In fact, if you really dislike critiquing, you’ll be doing other writers a tremendous favor by not reading their manuscripts. It just isn’t possible to do a top of the line job if you hate the work. And life’s too short to spend an unnecessary minute doing anything you don’t like doing.

Sometimes we have to do things we don’t enjoy. We have to go to work to earn a living, even when we’d rather be on a beach. We have to put up with Uncle Bob’s incessant chatter come Thanksgiving because he’s family. We have to pay our taxes, etc.

We do not have to critique. Nor do writers have to be critiqued.

We should read as much published fiction as possible, if only so we have a clue what works and what doesn’t. But if you do not enjoy reading published fiction for pleasure, for heaven’s sake do not force yourself to do so. Again, life is far too short. Use the years (Or is it hours? There may be a cancer cell, an aneurism, or a car crash with your name on it just minutes down the line.) you have left on this earth doing things that make you happy.