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Alright so apprently I DID offend people here. (though I apologized if I did)

To Kerry and Lord

First Kerry, I am here to observe and retain some small knowledge. I know I am a “young punk” in referance to youself, but just becuase I have not matured entirely, I do have a say. We all have our alterior movites on this site, wheather they are good or bad that is too each his own. Internet lingo or typing on the forum is a poor example of anyone’s writing really. If you truely looked at what people can slave over and so on, those words would have never had to have been typed. Sorry, I may have had an eraser, but from the mistkes I have made in the past it has been all but used up.

Second Lord, I do not care about critism personally. I mean you guys are doing it now are you not? I am no stranger to the large ruler come down and the key is that I rise above it and take it in stride. I do not think I am of perfection, (though I love how you give me the ego boost anyway).

Now guys I meant lack in reading OTHER PEOPLES work. I have forced myself, but given the choice I choose not too. Now apprently I stepped on toes here which in a way makes me smile since as a sort of rebel I get a certain jolt out of. Hello, older writers! Meet the first of the new crop!

Now Sorry for the words I typed, but I am not much of a passivist.