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The_Penciled_One – 2008-11-09 4:19 PM This question is in referance to my problem of not enjoying other peoples work. When it comes to reading another person’s stuff, I lack intrest. Wheather this is becuase I am young or maybe a bit short attention spanned I do not know, but I hope I did not offend anybody now. I do try and read though, I give the critique as best to my ability though I do so very rarely. Any one else maybe have this problem or give their opinion on it?

A good question and one I’ve asked of myself. Sometimes I don’t have the time, the patience, or I just can’t get into the story. Sometimes I don’t understand it, sometimes it’s waaaaaay too long, sometimes I feel like there is so much going on in the story – and remember, these are bits and pieces of actual stories – that I can’t sort it out. Before the forum changed, I used to critique and post quite a bit. Now, not so much. When I do offer a critique, I make sure it is the best I can give, and offer positive as well as constructives. I’m not published but I do think I am a good writer. I know that is contrary to some – that only published writers are qualified to critique – but I’ve read some wonderful pieces by unpublished writers and some crap from published ones so I feel that as long as the critique is heartfelt and kept true to the story the author is trying to tell and not what I expect to read, I can also offer advice.

You have to figure out your own reasons for why you feel the way you do. There are plenty of genre’s here to pick from and browsing through them you may find yourself interested in something you passed by earlier. There is nothing saying you have to critique, but if you are a regular poster you should offer back the courtesy. If not, “Writer’s Block Party” and “Take it Outside” don’t require that much responsibility, and you can learn and offer just as much.