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Oh no way do I think poetry is for cowards. Are you kidding? The way poets (that is to say, good poets) describe something, line by line, no matter how inexplicable, immediately illustrates their capability to write something truly worth reading. The poetry ranges from simplistic to complex, but either way, there’s always some kind of unique, profound vibe that goes along with it. I’m not a poet myself (not since middle school), but there’s something intriguing about poetry. Granted, it’s not always fun to decipher what a poet’s saying when you’re reading their piece in an English textbook, but when you really pay attention to the idea of it, you realize it takes a lot for someone to say something the way they believe it’s supposed to be said. Man, I can only imagine what it took for people like Langston Hughes or Edgar Allen Poe to really put it down.

That’s just me saying, though. 🙂