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yeah…nope. Gonna have to disagree with that one.

Good poetry lets you see what the writer wants to show you, and yet invoke your own personal experiences along with it. It brings a mutual understanding of the minds through shared experience — not of the whole story, but in singular reflections.

Add on top of that the restrictions of the rhythms — which very much become part of a good poem — the syllable’s beat actually becomes the writer’s heartbeat in a way — and the complex beauty of selecting each word singularly, so carefully, so that the words create the story but the lines create the landscape you’ve placed them in…the stanzas are the blink of an eye and yet, the entire piece is as a whole novel! It’s. Just. Yummy.

Completely beyond my skills to produce, but surely, anyone can enjoy poetry — you just have to find the writer who speaks the same pictures as you.

But poetry for cowards? Hardly. I would be hard pressed to call any writer “coward”, but surely, last on that list would be poets.

And if you ever called Mayakovksi a coward, he’d hunt you down and beat your head in with his shoe. And afterwards, pen a poem about it…



Wow. My typing’s REALLY bad today!