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I don’t think of poetry as being brave or cowardly, heck sometimes it is just plain ol’ funny. It is what it is. As many have said before me, and plenty others to follow — beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If a poem touches you in any manner good, bad, or neither; if it makes you feel anything or see anything in your mind’s eye or heart, if it makes you get a little of that through up in the back of your throat and you think “Eww what crap.” Then you have felt its caresses and /or its sting. Bad poetry is forgotten, meaningful words will stay with you in whole or in part, in their essence, somewhere inside heart and or mind they will be there. Some will embed themselves in your blood and course through your complete being. Not all poems are meant for everyone; like art what should touch you does and what doesn’t just falls flat. There could even be a poem you “don’t get” today yet a week, month, year or even years latter you may read or hear it read and suddenly you do “get it”. For that is the proverbial nature of the beast.

Thank you and have a nice day