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Eh. I disagree with Kowit, though it’s a personal preference, isn’t it? Some people like Koontz and King. Me? I prefer Martin Cruz Smith.

For me, there are poems you read once and yeah, that was fun and you’ll look for that author’s work again. And then there are those poems that worm into your head and leave you daydreaming about them for weeks on end, where you spend so much time puzzling out the layers and the possibilities that eventually, they become something written just specifically for you; now THAT’S communication.

Mayakovski’s Backbone Flute is like that; there are so many beautiful twists and secret doors, I can pick it up and see things that nobody else sees even now, years after our first meeting. And that’s like reaching through time to send a message to someone you never knew would exist. Can it get any better than that?