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I look at writing the way I look at art. Some artists are skilled at drawing landscapes, others portraits. Some can do a variety of subjects well. And all have their own styles. Poetry is just another canvas for writers. I know writers who can write long novels well but have trouble with short stories. Others who write for children but couldn’t for the life of them write a nonfiction piece for adults. Some are so talented they write it all. And some write poetry.

I took part in the April poetry challenge and that’s just what it was, a challenge. Because I am not a practiced poet. I thought I’d travel down a different path and see where it took me. What did I learn? I learned that poetry is definitely not for cowards. And a good poet can get his meaning across to you and still leave room for you to find your own meaning within that. Did I discover that I am a poet as well? Well, Robert did highlight a few of my poems. Those were ones I really put time into to find the exact words, the exact rhythm. It was time consuming. However, I think I had more tossers than keepers. No. Poetry is definitely not for cowards, and I admire those that do it well.