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Susan – 2008-05-22 3:09 PM

Hey, I posted a response in this thread this morning and it’s gone. Wasn’t much, just saying I thought the video was good. To add more now: I think it’s important to make sure our writing contains the best material only, to not be afraid of cutting out what is not our best or which does not help the story.

Susan, James Patrick Kelly has a phrase for what you and Maria are saying: “Murder Your Darlings.” His article with that title can be found in the WD “Complete Handbook of Novel Writing.” Steven King picked up on this phrase in his book “On Writing,” but it comes from Kelly. One of the reasons King advises letting at least 6 weeks elapse between finishing your first draft and beginning the first set of revisions is that your draft will then seem as if it had been written by someone else, and it’s always easier to murder someone else’s darlings than your own.