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Don’t worry, Lisa, I’m sure they will feel foolish when they see how good you are.  I would have thought family owned businesses would be jumping at the opportunity also, but I guess they want to ensure they know what they’re getting into.  Just think about the prize at the end – a major feature!

PS – I’ve been away for a while – what happened to the diet articles?  Are you still doing them? (I haven’t gone back through the weeks I’ve missed yet.) I was thinking of you when I was away – one of your hilarious articles was pointing out the fact that there is no easy solution, and then a lady from my work went in to have gastric bypass surgery.  Proving your theory correct, there were complications, and she ended up on life support.  She is out of the coma and off the ventilator and home now, still recovering, though.  All I could think about when it happened was that particular article, and what you pointed out, there is no miracle cure, it’s all about diet and exercise.  The lady has since said that she wished she tried that first.  I should have given her a copy of your articles before it was too late!

Back to the matter at hand, though…any of the businesses would be lucky to have you write a feature on them.  It would be great publicity for them, and they’d be silly to pass it up.  If i had a business, I’d let you write about me!