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Mikala Engel

supernerd – 2009-10-06 6:28 PM

James, thank you for responding. I did know that the publishers hire their own illustrators, but their are some authors who have been able to keep their own illustrations in their books. I suppose I’ll have to establish myself as a sellable writer before a publisher will allow me to keep my drawings.

Some few writers manage to keep their own illutrations, yes, but very, very few, and tehse writers are usually professional illustrators in their own right. 
It isn’t about establishing yourself as a writer, but simply being a good enough artist to do teh same job the professional artists the publisher can hire.  And knowing what to illustrate and how to best illustrate it, which is a business decision.
If you are good enough, and have a knack for knowing which illustration works best, a publisher may well allow you to keep your own drawings.