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Pendragon – 2008-05-28 1:48 AM

I had wondered about those commercials, cool now an opionon I can trust. O.k. next payday whether Evan wants it or not we’re hitting Toys-R-Us.

Big Lots and lots of dollar stores have the big colored chalk for a dollar and the kids love it just as much. Great activity to bring in all the neighborhood kids and have an art gallery on your sidewalk (each one gets a sidewalk block). For 3-D effect, just use another color of chalk and make a shadow on your drawing.

Some kids don’t like the chalky feel, if so, you might let them draw with gloves on, or wet the chalk.

A good variation is to wet the sidewalk. Make sure you take a picture when it is finished. Not only a great memory, but it puts closure on the activity. “yes, your picture is done, time for dinner …” Hopscotch, 4-squares, Mystery footprints, lots of fun.

AH, I miss my little ones. Have a great time. Bet if you and Evan drew flowers for Mom on the sidewalk or paper, she would love those!