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supernerd – 2008-11-16 1:16 PM

Am I the only one here who is smiling that he called her “little lady”? Dude, that’s precious. 🙂 …little lady…   I’m still smiling.

No, you aren’t the only one. That made me smile too. 🙂 Penciled one, there is no need for you to defend being 18-years-old – we’ve all, (or most of us here anyway), have been 18 at some point in time.  When those of us who’ve long passed that Big Year of Learning, it softens our hearts to hear from those experiencing it now; I think it’s the fact that you’re so well-spoken that brings you to the forefront of your generation.  Let’s face it, there aren’t that many 18-year-olds out there who think as deeply as you do.

Love is at the center of everything – I believe that with my whole heart.