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nhope – 2008-11-16 1:36 PM

First of all, best of luck to you and your “little lady.”

Now, I will deepen that theory of love being the motivator and ask, what about any emotion being at the heart of it? What about anger? Sadness? Guilt? Fear? Paranoia? Couldn’t any extreme in emotion cause one to write, draw, craft, or act out in some way?

Thanks nhope:)

Now to your question, in my opinion yes, but love still has some hand in those as well. Now love can effect anger as in what we are angry about. Example: You love to run, but break your leg. So, you may end up ranting on how your leg inhibits your love of running. Another example would be: A person you love dies, that would bring up sadness or despair in you and you may end up writing an elegy about them. And the list could go on.

Does this answer your question?