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I have to echo SandraJ…you are an inspiration. You sound like an “old soul”, Penciled One. I have to say that even when I was a teenager, I was not a fan of teenagers. And as an adult, I still want very little to do with most teens. However, I’ve discovered a few adolescents on my journey who are not at all typical (and therefore quite likable–people you can learn from). You strike me as one of those. You sound lucky to have found Sam, but she sounds lucky to have found you!

About writing/art and emotions: This thread reminded me of when I had a complete ‘nervous breakdown’ about 3 years ago. I was detached from my emotions and the world around me–even my child. It was a horrific and long road for me. But interestingly enough, I wrote and wrote and wrote during that time. It was all journal writing, but I now have quite the stack of words. And it is proving extremely useful to me as I write a memoir about my experience. (I now do talks/presentations about my experience and recovery for others who are either experiencing something similar or who have a loved one going through something similar.)

As for all art revolving around love? I think that sounds like a fascinating conversation piece that calls for tea–or wine. 🙂