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ericmfoltz – 2008-11-16 4:51 PM

I’m curious and a softy myself. What makes you want to LOVE and be LOVED by this girl Penciled One? A connection, chemistry, is she your friend? All of the above? You can be specific with her emotional qualities/personality. I don’t mind, honest. I was turned down two weeks ago by a girl I really liked. It leveled me. It hurt bad. I hope it turns out better for you.
Much love brother Pencil.

Well personally, I love to just have someone. I may reveal a bit much here but thats fine with me. Though just to have someone may be a bit weak in this sense. There is a connection and there is chemistry. Some back history on this is that my life has been a bit of a roller coaster the past 2 years which includes; my mother falling in the fall (she has MS) and being put in the hospitail and then rehab for these 2 years. That spring the following year my father calls me to let me know he is divorceing my mom. So, that started this hectic period. Now actally as of this weekend I moved out of my dad’s place into my moms house (who is being discharged from the rehab place on the 26th). This girl, Sam has been there for me the entire time I have been in transition in moving, even helping me move my mothers stuff as well as my own to the place. I have been friends with her since the August and last night I decided to move it along. And personally Sam is the first girl I have asked in person that said “Yes”.

Now to your 2nd Question, Sam, is number one: Genuine. She doesnt hide anything about her personality and allows me to be myself as well. She brings out the inner child which makes me incrdibly happy. And she is extremly pretty of course:).

Did not mean to be so long winded, but I hope I answered your question.

Thanks alot Eric! No worries my comrade there will always be one around the corner. I honestly was not expecting Sam at all.