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Barb’ry Allen – 2008-11-16 4:00 PM

I think we have to love our readers, too. We have to love them enough to want to tell them a really good story. Motivation for me, though, is Hope (with a capital H). When I’m Hopeful, I write up a storm.

Oh, and by the way, The Penciled One, I’m an old high school teacher and junior/seniors give me lots of Hope. When I meet a cynical kid, my heart sinks for them. There are so many years in our lives to be cynical and close our minds to others and to the beauty of the world. Keep your heart tender for as long as you possibly can!!!

Well thats great Barb’ry Allen! Hope is a wonderful thing and sometimes the only thing I clutch onto especially the past few months.

And I think I will be tender as along as I am alive haha.