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Thanks for all the good wishes! The reading went really well. Fifty people packed into the little Kakawa Chocolate House, where they serve chocolate drinks and confections like in Chocolat.

Kakawa Chocolate House

The audience was attentive and appreciative. Check out this awesome introduction I got, written and read by Jonathan Ashworth, series host:

Dr. Peg will disarm you. She’ll tell you we’re human, we’re animals, and everything is as obvious as conversation with a neighbor. She is reassuring, trustworthy, compassionate. You have the feeling she smiles while she sleeps. So you listen to her stories. You trust her, you’re safe. She cares for her patients, she cares for you.

Then, like all good theater, Dr. Peg will surprise you. “All of us are asleep, by telling stories we are awakened,” a Jewish saying goes. She wakes us up.

She’ll pull back an egg-blue curtain and break your heart. She’ll hold your hand and give you your first shot. And she’ll also sit you down in a paper gown and talk girl-to-girl, woman-to-woman about…goo. It’s true! Well, I can’t give it away, can I? Let’s just say it has something to do with what Natalie Angier calls “the moatness of ourselves.”

The key to Dr. Peg’s stories is she loves secrets. And in that respect I think she represents one of the essences of women everywhere. 

Please give a warm welcome to Dr. Peg Spencer