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Hey cousin (by marriage. My niece married a Lee). I honestly don’t get the uninspired bit. Listen to Jai and JWC. I say, just write. You got feet? Write about them. You got a window? What do you see? You got a newspaper? You want inspiration? Read. Start an argument. Fall in love.

Don’t worry about the time of day or having the perfect little flower on the corner of your desk. Perfect doesn’t happen (unless you write about it).
I like the letter writing idea. Who do you wish you could talk to. I always wanted to talk to Mark Twain. I wonder what he would say to a Huck Finn sequel: Now that Jim is Free (Hey! It worked for Wicked).

Write me a story and make it a good one
Sing me a song and sing it on key
Paint me a picture all sunlight and moonbeams
Write me a poem ’bout Robert E. Lee!