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Mikala Engel

DeepUnderground – 2009-10-08 10:42 AM

Jamesaritchie – 2009-10-01 4:06 PM As others have said, inspiration is not what makes a writer. Sitting down and writing when you aren’t inspired is what makes a writer.

I would be more inclined to think this purely illustrates the difference between someone who does it for a living and someone who writes for a hobby. The person earning a living from it has certain business obligations to fulfil. It’s an interesting question though, if you “force” yourself to sit and write can you achieve the same result as if it’s written “in the moment”? Or maybe a better result even? If your lacking inspiration I would stop writing and go and explore the world. I’ve heard that it’s a big place where lots of strange things happen 😉

This is a common misconception, as if somewhere along the line those of us who write for a living suddenly stopped writing one way and started writing a completely different way because of business obligations, practice, or whatever.  It simply isn’t true.  Every pro writer I know wrote the same way on day one as in year thirty.  You go sit down and write when it’s time to sit down and write, and you do it because you want to be a writer, and a writer doesn’t make excuses, anymoe than someone with a nine to five job makes excuses.   “Sorry, boss, I just didn’t feel inspired to come in and pump gas today.”
I don’t care why you write, or how new you are to it, whether you write for money or write as a hobby, nothing changes.  Either you sit you rear end down and write, or nothing gets done. 
No one lacks inspiration, and no one has inspiration.  Both are simply excuses to write, or not to write.  It’s motivation that gets things written, not inspiration.  The motivation is simple. Either you want to sit down and write, or you don’t.  If you really want to be a writer, you do.  If you want to talk about being a writer, you don’t.
Even exporing the world is an excuse for not writing.  If ever an occupation existed where you can do anything and everything, go anywhere and everywhere, and still not miss a single minute of work, writing si that occupation.  The world is a big place, and filled with wonders, though most wonders are far larger and more wondrous in the imaginations of those who have never actually seen them than in reality, but wherever you go, you can still sit down and write each and every day.
I tend to agree that you shouldn’t force yourself to write.  Writing should be something a person wants to do, and finds joy in.  It should be done because you’d rather write than burn those irreplacable hours any other way.  And they are irreplacable.  Once spent, they never, ever come back.
If there’s something else a would-be writer would rather do with his time, he should go do that thing.  The one thing this world won’t miss is a writer who never showed up for work, and that person will be happier, and probably lead a better life, by filling his hours with something he doesn’t feel forces to do.  He may even get rich and famous, simply because he is doing whatever it is he most loves, and isn’t finding excuses to avoid it.