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@betabookspaul wrote:

Hi, I’m Paul.

I write plays, sketches, screenplays and some prose thought not with enough consistency. I have edited a many different things: graphic novels, engineering books, YA books, ad copy, and more

I also work on a web app to help authors manage their novel length betas(like my screenname). I was hoping I could talk to a mod and, after convincing them I am a human, find out if there is an appropriate way to talk about something like that while still being respecting of community guidelines. It’s free and we have gotten positive feedback from the authors using it but I don’t want to do anything rude.


I’m Paul, too, and a mod. The general rule is “no promotions”, but you can certainly describe the app and include a link, as long as it’s free – although I suspect that Word’s word count is just as effective. Thanks for asking first.