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Mark Lewis

Quote – “Just a couple of tidbits:

 Lose the various-sized dashes.

 You don’t mean “since”, you mean “because”.  “Since” relates to time.”


I copied this out of a Word file.  How do you re-size the dashes? 

I also had someone else call me on the usage of the word “since”.  I think your definition (as relating to the passage of time) is correct, but I think my use of the word is also correct as a synonym for “because”.  This is from the online OED:


  • preposition in the period between (the time mentioned) and the time under consideration.

  • conjunction 1 during or in the time after. 2 for the reason that; because.

  • adverb 1 from the time mentioned until the present or the time under consideration. 2 ago.

  — ORIGIN Old English.


Jeff C