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Mark Lewis

Quote – “You need to invoke the five senses (smell, fell, etc).”

I understand (and I appreciate your post).  I’ve had several essays published, and editors nail me every time on this.  You think I would learn…

But I need to ask a question.  Doesn’t this depend on a writer’s style?  I’ve read novels where the picture-painting was overdone to the point where it felt like the writer was trying too hard. 

Janet Evanovich talks about this in her book on writing, and if I understand her correctly, she advises writers to be careful about going overboard with description.  She maintains that a writer should allow the readers to use their imagination to fill in the details.  My idea of Joe Morrelli’s appearance might be very different than yours, but what counts is whether he is a real 3d character to whomever is reading the book. 

I give some description of Carey and Liz earlier in the book, so the reader should have an idea of their appearance by the time this paragraph comes along.  I should also tell everyone that the story is written in first-person, so the narrative is meant to show the reader what the protagonist is thinking.  Is this a bad technique?  I’ve seen other writers pull it off (including Janet Evanovich), but I’m not those other writers…

I’m not trying to be a know-it-all when I make the above remarks.   I’m just trying to throw these thoughts out for discussion.

Jeff C