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Ann Emmert Abbott

I’ll agree that she’s gone about this naively, and it shows in the website, too, but I don’t think this girl is asking for free use of writers’ writings. She looking for experiences from any kind of people that she can include in a nonfiction self-help book.The business model doesn’t matter. She came here asking for help to find ordinary people willing to “speak” … just like the requests you can find in newsletters put out by well-established writers and top ranking forums.

Here’s one for you, Rikki:

It’s O.K. to doubt religion. My friend, an ordained Presbyterian minister and pastoral counselor, told me so. In fact, she confided, many ministers don’t believe. The problem with telling people you’re an agnostic is that they don’t understand that you care deeply enough to have thought about the issues involved. They don’t know about your years of studying and “trying out” various religions and still having questions. People think agnostics don’t care, but the truth is that they care very deeply, so it’s O.K. to have those questions. Still.

What a difference that acceptance made in my life! I could relax. I’m not a bad person because I have questions. She had also given me tools with which to adjust my responses when someone asks, “Don’t you believe?” 

And Rikki, as many of my clients say, “Feel free to edit my contribution any way you see fit. Make me sound good!”

Thanks for being an upright and forward person, identifying yourself and presenting your credentials for interested participants to check out. That’s how professionals do it.

Rikki?  Rikki? Are you still with us?