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Ann Emmert Abbott

If people read the pages of Rikki’s site, they will learn that she is a therapist (not a professional writer) interested in helping others.  She says:

Whether a result of my clinical training or just my human instinct, I am confident that everyone who either contributes to this book or reads it will be impacted by the words within it. I know that telling your story will be therapeutic, similar to journaling or writing letters. I also know that reading about the experiences that someone else has had, whether positive or negative, will help you to feel as though someone else understands. This is why I am writing and need to write “It Is Okay.”

She’s using the word “writing” in a very loose sense and gathering content much in the same way professional writers put out calls for accounts of people’s experiences on various topics or interview others (without paying for the interviews!!!)

She isn’t looking for fiction short stories, rather real life instances of dealing with a fear of failure, otherwise known as perfectionism.

I don’t see this as any different from a freelancer asking for “stories” about how women deal with their husbands’ philanderings or how CFO’s are coping with this economic downturn or my picking Susan Vreeland’s brain about the book signing tours her publisher sends her on.

Heaven knows an abundance of people use the nonfiction critique section here for therapeutic catharsis and don’t expect to be paid but hope to instruct others.