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Jamesaritchie – 2011-02-03 1:30 AM

I use 24 lb 100% cotton paper with matching envelopes, and it just speaks of quality, caring, and investment.    It ain’t cheap, but it’s always been worth it to me.  I even used it back in typewriter days.  I know some editors pulled it out of the stack long before it’s rightful time.

If you wouldn’t mind elaborating . . . a short story gets mailed flat in an 8.5×11 envelopes with a standard SASE enclosed. Is it fair to say that you use the “good stuff” on all of the above? Even the SASE? Does this also hold true for partial and full novel requests? Hundreds of pages?

As long as we’re going down this road, if a markets accepts both electronic and snail mail subs, would you opt for snail mail with the high end paper? And do you include a cover letter with your short story subs, whether it’s requested or not?