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Mikala Engel

TerryRodgers – 2011-02-03 7:01 AM I have both as well, but definitely use the laser to print out manuscripts. It’s cheaper in the long run. I have the color inkjet, but use the scanner and copy feature more than anything else. Don’t print too many color jobs. I would never purchase quality stuff from Walmart. Their stuff is inexpensive for a reason. From what DBergendorf indicated, it sounded like he had an inkjet from the 90’s so I was assuming when he said cheap he didn’t mean inexpensive.


If you have an inkjet older than five years or so, it’s definitely time for a new one.  I’m tempted to say two years.  Kodak made a big leap a couple of years back, and other printer companies are having to follow suit, or get left behind.  If you print very much, the new printer will pay for itself in nothing flat.  The quality is not only much better now, I also get  twice as much printing on my inkjet now as opposed to just four or five years ago, and for less money per cartridge.  

Frankly, I do usually print entire manuscripts, but I doubt I will in the future.  It’s just too much of a hassle when I can walk down the street, hand them a disk, get what I want, the way I want it, and on whatever paper I specify. 

It costs a lot more, though the price goes way down if I supply the paper, but it’s a tax write off, and I’m at that stage of life where my time is more valuable than anything else.