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DBergendorf – 2011-02-02 7:29 AM I’ve only run across a couple of agents whose web sites state that they aren’t accepting new clients right now. So… are the others really looking? When I see an agency with five agents and a hundred active authors, I get the feeling that they’ve got their plate full, and are accepting queries only in the off-chance that the once-in-a-lifetime project is in there. Am I off-base? Or does each and every agent give each and every query a good looking-over?

Do you mean “looking,” as if actively looking for new clients? Or, do you mean accepting new clients? I ask because most agents don’t have time to look for new clients, we have to go to them.  Usually, their website will say if they are no accepting clients.  Agent Query is a good place to search agents because there is a dialogue box you can check to filter out agents who are not accepting new clients. 

I think agents do read our queries, but I also understand the reading starts with an assistant.  Even if the assistant thinks a query might work, the agent might not. It’s pretty much subjective.