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How good am I?  What does that depend on?

As a person who writes humor, I crack myself up.  My kids often look at me like I’m insane, and they have to hear my writings…as I read them aloud to edit…but they can’t get the gist of the piece through my own laughter.

As a person who writes as the shopping editor for a regional publication, I struggle sometimes, though my writing is good, it is not what I love to write.

I feel that every piece I submit to an editor is the best I can make it…will they like it, who knows, but I still submit.

Is my grammar perfect or my sentence structure the best, I try very hard to have it so. 

I write in many different forms, some I enjoy more than others … but I still feel that I write well and that editors have accepetd my work tell me I’m doing something right.