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I love to browse bookstores—any bookstore, as well as the bookshelves in thrift stores, where I often find out-of-print treasures that some non-reader probably inherited and dumped in the donation bin. 🙂 I try to buy as much as possible from local stores just to help them stay open.

If I need something ASAP, it usually has to be Amazon. I buy enough from them that shipping is free. If I order from a store, the order usually has to wait until “the truck comes,” which could be anywhere from 7-14 days, depending on what day of the week the order is placed. If I order through the store and ask for home delivery, I still have to pay shipping.

Also, I’ve bought books and software through Amazon and had it delivered to some pretty remote parts of the world, and it always makes it within a reasonable time. Part of that of course is due to the shipper, but some sellers won’t ship to some of the places I’ve been, for one reason or another. Could that attitude (business model) have anything to do with why Amazon has been so successful?