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I know exactly what she is going through. My wife had four miscarriages before our first child. It’s not easy. I have always been a rock emotionally (sometimes I wish I wasn’t though), but it really hit her hard. We were overseas at the time (military) and she did not have any family to talk it through. All she had was her husband, who doesn’t show emotion well. Anyway I let her cry on my shoulder as much as she needed, I listened to her, I gave her as much support and comfort as I knew how to. In the end, she came to grips that it wasn’t God’s time yet for us to have children. We had to endure this several times until I was finally stationed back in the US and we found out what the problem was and we were finally able to have children. Everyone deals with grief in their own way and the only advice I can offer is for her husband to do everything he can to be there for her, to listen to her, let her cry, let her vent. Even if he has to leave work early or take a longer lunch. It is crucial for them to bond and get closer to each other. Anyway, that’s how my wife and I got through it.