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Laurie Zupan

Sorry to hear of your family’s loss.  It always hurts.

I went through 7 miscarriages over the span of ten years, and it’s a very private loss that is hard to share with others.  My best advice is to do things for your daughter-in-law.  Bring her goodies or a gift certificate for a therapeutic massage.  Pay for a housekeeper to come in if she would like that.  If you’re close, take her to lunch and shopping. 

I lost one baby literally while attending a baby shower for a very dear friend.  Oddly, it was the easiest to bear, because I was busy making sure I didn’t ruin her special day, so it gave me some purpose, some reason to bear up under my own pain.  She thought I left early because of feeling ill; she never knew why I really had to leave.

In taking action to comfort your daughter-in-law, it will put your own grief in motion for good and help you move on.