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Anthony Head

Well, when one is a happy little wood sprite, a believer in all things, then of course thinking doesn’t stop. Here’s my free story idea for today.

We are after all, simply energy. Complex energy, granted. But energy. Energy can not be destroyed, only transformed. Suppose, for example, Heaven and Hell are merely cosmic energy pools where our thought goes when our corporal selves deteriorate. And not even deterioration from death, but just anytime we lose memories or thoughts. They just, for lack of a better term, went home.

(Forgive me sincere and devout believers of Christianity, Islam or whatever. I do not mean to dismiss your faith. This is just a bald, fat little pagan chortling on)

Some of us, may in fact be able to tap those cosmic pools, or pool. They may be one and the same. After all, thought is energy, energy of an electronic nature. The brain is ‘wires’, it can transmit and receive, look at a catscan showing neural responses. So if you can ‘tune’ your wires, then … I do think many of us experience some types of dreams because of this. At least we think of them as dreams, maybe some of them are actually taps into the pool.

So, that’s my two cents and I am sticking to it.