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I don’t know if this will help or not, but I can answer this with a fresh mind – I came about half a hair from stabbing a copperhead with my walking stick yesterday as I was strolling in the park; even one second earlier and it would’ve slithered over my barely sandaled feet.

So, here’s what I felt – paralyzed, yes, but somehow I was also trembling all over.  Everything but my nerves stopped.  I did the big breath intake – huuuuuuuuuh – and froze, except for, (as I said), my nerves.  I felt the blood drain from my face, and instantly became lightheaded – just knew I was going to faint before that dad-gum snake finally moved along.  When it did, I released it all, shaking vigorously and nearly fainting right there.

Well, obviously I’m too tired to be trying to write….