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You might want to consider the writings of Richard Matheson. He wrote the novel, “A Stir of Echoes”, “I am Legend”, and “What Dreams May Come”, to name a few. Edge Books, an imprint of Gauntlet Press, recently published a three volume edition of his short stories. I just finished reading (a rather dismally edited) volume one. The collection represents horror, dark fantasy, and science fiction. He also wrote fourteen episodes of the original Twilight Zone series.

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I’m just looking for fellow writers who write Horror. I would like to talk with them and share stories. I believe in reading other writer’s fiction before writing. I read Lovecraft, some Poe, Koontz, King, and many others. I believe you can learn alot from professional horror writers and their work. So yeah, are there any of you out there?

Hey Horror_Writer, I have prided myself on my suspense thriller/horror stories and I am always looking for another horror genius’ mind to pick. If you want to read my work, My first novel was re-published this past December it’s called He Watches and is available on I am a big fan of Stephen King, Ted Dekker, & Frank Peretti. You can also check out my site by clicking the link in my signature. I look forward to chatting it up with you. Scare ya later

I’ll plan to order it! I’m not a big Stephen King fan, I think his work started to kind of dry up after “Christine”. Well, most of it, anyway. I like Frank Peretti, too. He’s a good Christian Horror writer, Ted Dekker is more of a Thriller/Suspense writer, so he’s not on my favorite Horror Writers list. He’s on my Suspense/Thriller list, though.