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Linda Hughes

Great suggestion on the reads, P.

Also Steve Alten (not the best writer, but definitely got some interesting ideas and since he is relatively new (not brand new) you can study him from book one and up. He wrote “Loch Ness”,”Goliath”, etc… ) Douglas Prestion: The Relic, very fun read, but his best (which probably belongs in suspense/thriller) was “The Cabinet of Curousities.” Man was that a good one! “Still Life with Crows” also a good read. Girly Horror writers: Anne Rice, Laurell Hamilton, Kelly Armstrong, Charlene Harris. They’re a fun mix of humor and horror featuring vampires, werepeople, and mean fairies.)
Oh, my favorite, (besides S. King, P. Straub, Koontz)would be Jim Butcher. He’s got the Dresden Files going and I have the entire collection. If you like Wizards in modern day settings, demons, spells, and fairies, you might like to try him. Sounds like fantasy, but I’d say his Dresden Series is more hybrid horror.