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Lisanne – 2008-05-28 8:37 AM

Thanks for your replies, everyone!

I guess I was hoping that some of you would answer saying what kinds of things you all write or want to write, and where you are along the path. Anyone?

Hi Lisa,

Welcome! Since you asked, I’ll give you a little run down on myself. I’m a grossly over-educated life-long writer who, at various points in my career(s), has earned money as an EMT, Graphic Designer, Engineer, Cartoonist, Editor, Columnist (humor), Software Designer, Projectionist, Intelligence Analyst, Consultant, Film Editor and University Professor. My writing spans from academic journal articles, essays and poetry to textbooks, screenplays and a daily comic strip.

I’m far better at marketing my technical stuff than my fiction (one of those rare cases where having a Ph.D. actually _does_ open a few doors), but I enjoy writing fiction far more (even if all I get out of it is a filing cabinet full of rejection slips). To date, I’ve completed four novels (1 sci-fi (first of a series actually), 2 thrillers, 1 hard to classify family drama) that I should really be sending out query letters for, but simply haven’t had the time or motivation to address.

As for your own writing ambitions, my advice is simple – write. Make it a diciplined part of your day, I write 1000-2000 words a day whether I feel like it or not (I can always revise/delete it later). In your spare time – read; it will both spark new ideas and help you to be more self-critical when it comes time to edit and revise what you’ve written.

Good luck and I hope to hear more from you.