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Ah yes,

The Rat!  We had a sportsman’s dinner at a church I once attended, and the only rule was it had to be game we bagged ourselves.  There was every sort of meat and poutry there, that you could imagine. 

Woodcock (About the size of a bloated hummingbird) was my favorite food selection)  They just eat nuts and berries so it is like eating sweet chicken.  But with these you just get a handful of morsel, and you need about a dozen to fill you up. 

Yes, let’s get back to the rat – they did have muskrat meat there, but it didn’t look a whole lot different than what you see as it comes out of the water.  I couldn’t bring myself to try what looked like drowned rat. 

Racoon was tasty except it was a bit stringy.  I hope others aren’t reading this thread and heading for the outhouse.

Catch ya later,

Don (Greywolf)